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"The Universal Law of Love"

There are seven major areas of our life:
• Spiritual
• Mental
• Physical
• Familial
• Social
• Financial
• Career

Whatever area of our life that we don't empower, someone else will overpower! The source of much suffering and disempowerment in any of these areas can be found in stored unresolved emotions.

Emotions are lopsided perceptions with the primary purpose of teaching us, through the vehicle of our intuition, the equilibrating state of Love and Gratitude.

When one is in a state of infatuation, self-righteousness, elation, positivity, ecstasy, mania and fantasy about someone or something, they are experiencing a dopamine neurotransmitter "fix" that feeds the ego. The Universe always seeks to equilibrate an unbalanced state with its opposite state, so it is the rule that an imbalanced state of elation will attract to it a humbling circumstance. Conversely, when one is in a depressed, resentful, negative, self-wrongeous state of emotion, it will draw to them supportive events or people to bring them back into equilibrium: to balance the scales.

Many self-help programs these days teach ways to attain peace, happiness, nirvana and perfection, but in reality that ignores the wisdom of balance in the Universe. Many of the self-help "gurus" seem to attract great perceived strife, misfortune and challenge into their lives as a result.

It is necessary to discover that those traits, events, actions, inactions and circumstances that we try so hard to avoid are part of the perfection and should be acknowledged, embraced and integrated into our awareness. When we don't integrate that "shadow" side, we are denying an integral part of ourselves, fracturing our soul. "Soul retrieval" can be simply a matter of restoring those disowned parts and seeing the perfection of the events in our lives. This process frees up and releases years of suppressed, pent-up emotion (energy in motion). Emotions are the gravity within the fabric of space-time and when these emotions are let go of and released, there is a corresponding lightening of the being.

The purpose of relationship is to attract someone or something into our lives to challenge us so we mature and evolve. Being only supported and never challenged keeps us juvenile. A balance of support and challenge is an ongoing process. We typically attract those who mirror parts of ourselves that we have disowned and these people or circumstances appear for us to provide that opportunity for enlightenment, growth and empowerment; to embrace our disowned parts.

Marriage and family are not about happily-ever-after; they are about support and challenge, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor. If everyone were "happy" one or many of them would be unnecessary. When a spouse is cocky or puffed up, it is the task of Love to take them down a notch; to a level of humility. If the spouse were feeling dejected and low, Love is there to raise them and support them. In all this is divine perfection.

It is not fate or bad luck or karma that creates the events of our lives; it is the equilibration of our thoughts and emotions. It is within our power to choose to be whole and balanced.

If there are unresolved issues in your life, conflicts or limitations at home or at work, or pains in your body you will benefit by doing this journey with me. At the very least you will gain insights into the how and why of your experiences and empower you to make the choice of holding on or letting go of those limitations.

• Empower your life
• Release old limiting emotions
• Learn tools to gain insight into your behaviors and empower all areas of your life
• Find the balance and perfection in everything

Lynn Rose Demartini DSH, RN, LMT
1 hour phone consult $150.00
2 hour phone consult $275.00
Additional time will be billed at $100.00 per hour.

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