Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a form of energy work. What is energy work?

Energetic Medicine is the modality of the future. Everything in the universe generates an electromagnetic field around itself. Often referred to as the "aura," a radiating luminous field, it can be physically sensed and visually seen by some more sensitive individuals.

Within our field are a number of electrical "transducers" that circulate and modulate this flow of energy, sometimes referred to as Ki, Chi, Prana, or Life Force. These centers are called "chakras," which describes their spinning vortex-like nature. There are seven major chakras that correspond with the endocrine system and numerous minor chakra within the joints and organs.

Our field is influenced by many internal and external stimuli. Our physical health, our emotional health and our spiritual health are the internal factors. Externally, we are influenced by everyone and everything in the universe. Our fields intertwine and interact with one another and are all connected by a web or matrix. We are all truly "connected," and everything we think, say or do has an influence on the entire universe, as well as ourselves. We do count!

We are holistic beings and in order to truly make a positive change in our lives we must approach health care holistically. Diet and exercise are positive steps, but if we have unresolved mental, emotional, or spiritual issues, our results will be less than adequate or lasting.

Take care of your physical body (it is the part on loan). Look at your health as being determined by your thoughts and feelings. Therapeutic modalities can certainly improve the vehicle in which you reside however, the fuel and motivation are what ultimately create well-being.

Only you are responsible for your health! Take charge!