Massage Therapy

I offer a variety of bodywork options and have available my favorite essential oils, flower essences, herbal products and other goodies. Please contact me with any suggestions or inspirations! Thank you for dropping by!

• Increase Energy
• Relieve Pain
• Increase Resistance to Illness
• Reduce Stress
• Promote Longevity

Whether you have to deal with occupational stress, muscular overuse, bodily injury, or just a busy, active lifestyle, a regular massage program can help. And it just feels good! Come relax, renew, and restore in a peaceful environment.

Call or email for an appointment:


$75.00 for a 60 minute Massage session
$40.00 for a 30 minute Ion Cleanse session
$50.00 for a Personal Flower Essence Blend
Gift certificates are available.

"I can't think of a better way to spend an hour or two than getting a massage from Lynn. She really knows how to make you feel relaxed and totally stress free. When I'm in the Austin area, I always make a point to stop in and see her. Can't wait to get back. Luv ya Lynn."
R. B. Houston, TX
"Lynn understands the importance of balance - the mental, spiritual and physical - in leading healthy lives. Her contributions as a healer and expertise as a massage therapist are considerable. Her presence on this planet is a blessing."
L.R. McDade, Tx